IMPORTANT: Migration to G Suite

IMPORTANT: Migration to G Suite

In light of the recent developments regarding the Coronavirus, technical preparations are being made to provide staff and students with the possibility to teach / follow lessons remotely. As part of these preparations, we are moving a large part of the school IT to G Suite (Google Drive and Google Docs). Starting Monday 16 March 2020, all personal and shared documents will no longer be available to you in the way you were used to, but instead will be made available to you through G Suite.

How does this help me?

  • You will have access to all your files from any location: School, home, or anywhere else as long as you have an internet connection available.
  • You will have access to Google Docs from anywhere. Google Docs is similar to Word, Excel and Powerpoint, which means you can edit your documents wherever you are. Using Google Docs, you can view and edit your existing Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint files. You can also create new documents.
  • Using G Suite you can easily share documents and collaborate live with your colleages and students.
  • As part of G Suite, Google Classroom is made available to all teachers. Using Classroom, you can easily create an online classroom and add your students to it. Using Classroom you can easily distribute homework and assignments, or simply share files with your class.
  • As part of G Suite, you will have access to Hangouts Meet. Using Hangouts Meet, you can easily set up videoconferences with your colleagues, present to your students through group video, or create a video conference call with your students.

How do I get to G Suite?

You can access your G Suite from anywere by opening your webbrowser and going to

What will change at school?

  • Please note that due to the short amount of time we had to make this possible, it is possible that not everything is in perfect state yet. We will continue to make improvements in the time coming.
  • Your personal files will no longer be available to you through your personal "Z: Drive". Instead, your files are available at, through "My Drive". It is possible that your files appear under "Shared with me". In that case they will move to "My Drive" in the next couple of days. You can already use the files.
  • Your shared drives will no longer be available to you through "P: U: Y: X: W: V: T: and S: drives". Instead, the shared files are available, through "Shared Drives".
  • A shortcut to G Suite is available on your desktop.
  • You will use Google Docs to create and edit your documents.
  • Make sure you always save your files to G Suite, otherwise it will not be saved!

Where do I find more information?

  • We realise that this is a significant change and that you have been given little time to adapt. Though G Suite has been available to all staff and some students for quite a while, not everybody has been using it yet. Unfortunately, in light of recent developments regarding the Coronavirus, we do not have the opportunity to prepare you extensively for this change. However, G Suite is very simple to use and we are confident everybody will get used to it quite fast by starting to use it.
  • As we are very busy at this moment migrating all data and adjusting systems so everything is available to you on Monday, we are not able to give you more detailed instructions as of yet. In the days coming, we will add more information ands instructions to this page and / or elsewhere on the IPS Helpdesk to help you get started. Therefor, please check this page regularly for more information.

Two step verification

As a member of staff, two step verification will be enabled for your account. You may already have received an email to notify you about this, or you may receive an email regarding this is the next few days. To enable this, go to and login using your username and password. You will be asked to set up two step verification automatically.

Other info

  • Please note that we are still in the process of making all files available to everybody. If you do not have all your files available to you yet, please be patient, as they will be made available very soon
  • Students that currently do not have an account at school will be provided with an account as soon as possible.